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Motivate One Million (MOM)

Our Mission is to unlock & fulfil the positive un-tapped Potential of People like YOU

Let's Positively Impact the Future Together

Have you ever wondered why some people get privileged opportunities in life yet you don't? Why some people are looked upon as having value yet not you?  Are you ambitious and just know you have potential to be unlocked?


Can you see how having a group of like-minded individuals to be around could grow you? Do you want to be part of a 'self-learning' environment that gets you aligned with your purpose, passion, and intrinsic-identity as fast as possible?

Knowing who you are and your motivational-dna could mean the difference between your success or failure.  We connect you to yourself & like-minded others to grow the best version of you.  Ready?

Empowering & capacitating youth towards agency & growth 

Intrinsic Motivation is Universal. To see the intrinsic potential of another and hold them in high regard can be the impetus to change somebody's life. Imagine a future where everyone is given agency to bring their best potential to the world.  

At WITH we believe in trading the current western Meritocracy measuring instead the unique Intrinsic Value of all individuals through their Talents growing this merit and each individual into who they truly are at their core bringing with it an understanding of why and how we are naturally motivated. Our Intrinsic Value is Immutable. Where ever we go in the world our value goes with us ...

Intrinsic Motivation is Universal

It is in the bringing of the Universal Intrinsic Value of Every Single Human Being that has potential to change the world

Feel unseen? No place in the world? Do you know deep down you have potential and value to add to the world? Looking for opportunities to contribute and become more than you are and find where you fit? If you’ve ever felt the world is unfair and unjust you’re right. Yet we want you to experience your true power, your intrinsic natural potential, and then find positive ways to become conscious and intentional about how to bring this potential in service of yourself, others, and the environment at large


Your willingness comes first - motivated individuals only may apply 

Unlock your strengths

Take an online Assessment  to understand your natural wiring & what motivates you and why?

get connected to your tribe

Get access to an online group self-learning platform to inspire each other to become your best selves

empowering your agency

We link you to an online Mastermind Group to grow with others who have natural Talents in common

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We're unlocking the postive un-tapped Potential of People like YOU

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Hear from Our Clients

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Dylan Coetzee 2019 South Africa

I read a book called ‘Great Leaders ask Great Questions’ and that is what Sam McDonald does. In fact the right questions that start and spark the thinking process, because any answers we ever want, lay deep within us, and Sam knows how to lead you within yourself for that answer.

Before I met Sam, I had a perception of myself that I was ‘weird’ or too hardworking. Sam, however, could see my Strengths just by speaking to me, and besides highlighting some of them, she pointed out how working in our non-Strengths, we are effectively wasting our talents. Thereafter, I had a desire to pin-point and develop my Strengths.


I worked with Sam to unlock the potential of my Strengths, as well as gain an understanding of who I was, not by looking at my weakness, though we did spend some time here, but by understanding that I will grow exponentially by focusing on my Strengths and asking others to pick up where i’m not strong. 


The results after working with Sam was improved Leadership, Communication and a better way of seeing people for who they are based on their Strengths and working on that. I now set more goals, have improved focus, and ‘delegate’ my weaknesses. I also celebrate my successes more.


What I would have loved, if I had the resources, was to have taken one of Sam’s Coaching Packages so I had a plan to focus on and work towards. This would have helped with an implementation plan and goals to work on my situation.


Before meeting Sam everyone made me believe I wanted too much out of life and therefore, I was kind of crazy in their eyes. But unlocking the potential of my Strengths has made me realise this is how I was created by God. I am born to do great things.

"Your Cross to Bear is Your Gift to Share"

Sam McDonald