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Strengths-based Recruitment

We're in the business of transforming people so they can bring their whole selves to work because recruitment is an art, not a science.

We want to encourage you to see your staff differently.


Ultimately we're creating futures where individuals can craft their own job spec based on their intrinsic wiring and motivation. Here they  are given agency to decide how they would like to utilise their time creatively, whilst still meeting the objectives of the organisation, by bringing their whole selves to work. 

This is done through a mutually inclusive understanding  of both their unique set of Strengths and  'interdependent rules of engagement©'

"The biggest gains businesses will see in the next 10 years will lie within hiring the right managers and maximising the strengths of every single employee"

Jim Clifton, GALLUP Chairman and CEO



What is Strengths-based Recruitment?

We believe assisting people to place themselves in the right roles & environment for them, based on their Strengths, has the potential for exponential growth of self and the organisation. This doesn’t mean we discount the candidate’s qualifications, knowledge, and experience. Instead this adds to the process to ensure value congruency within the environment and the organisation, as well as looking at how a person is naturally energised and inclined towards their role -their passion.



What are Interdependent Rules of Engagement?


Interdependent Rules of Engagement is learning who we are, and what we need, in order to bring our whole selves to a situation,  together as part of an interactive group who come together with a mindset of win/win, recognising that we each have value to bring collectively. 

In order to deal with healthy conflict, we have to find mutual ways of engaging and this requires a conscious intentional interaction between teams and individuals. This  may also mean interviewing a person who is able to  interdependently realise they are actually not right for the position on offer. This is why we bring this into our recruitment process as an introduction to new ways of engagement which is mutually beneficial and preventative,  away from conflict resolution. This forms part of our corporate organisational programme which you can read more about here


In simple terms, to understand interdependence,  it's easier for you to consider the other three dependent rules of engagement that are at play.


  • Dependent Rules of Engagement would see your staff waiting around to be 'told' what to do and how to do it.

  • Co-dependent Rules of Engagement would see a group of staff members coming together because they have to, not because they want to, in a transactional relationship where they engage simply to get their own needs met.

  • Independent Rules of Engagement is where its all about 'me' and getting my needs met with no regard for anyone else. 


What is the alternative?

"Disengaged employees have 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity and 15% lower profitability" - Gallup



About Strengths-based Recruitment Interviewing

Before you decide on who to employ, and once selection of candidates has been narrowed down, you contact us and we ask your 2-3 candidates to take the Strengths Assessment as this brings information as to how an individual is intrinsically motivated.  So in essence, we will be adding additional value to your current process by allowing you to see how individuals are intrinsically wired and how this wiring will adapt in your environment and in the role you expect them to play.


What Strength-based Recruitment is not, is the ability to place an individual because their Strengths fit a particular role.  


Our Strengths are able to merge across roles and environments and are not specific to our qualifications or experience. They bring insight into how  each person is energised and motivated and our unique and  particular ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.  


Conversely, our non-Strengths, bring some indication of those things that de-energise us.


So once you have narrowed down your selection process to 2-3 candidates, one of our qualified and experienced Strength Coaches will join in the company interview process either in person, or online. Throughout the interview, with insight into the candidates Strengths, we speak directly to an individual's intrinsic motivators, their Strengths and Talent Patterns, which brings about honesty, integrity and authenticity and affords people an opportunity to show who they really are as opposed to answering your questions simply to get the job.  This process is an art, not a science. 

We will then give you either verbal or written feedback on each individual and how they are naturally inclined, or not, towards a particular role. This is based on the assumption that you want to hire not because someone can do the job, but more importantly, that this person is intrinsically motivated and highly energised towards what they'll be doing.


High performers work through their Strengths because this is where we are naturally energised, learn quicker and are highly motivated.  



Recruitment Commission

Recruitment Commission is based on a 1.5%- 3.5% of total cost to company, dependent on the type of organisation. Included in our fee are  3 x 30 minute Candidate Coaching Sessions, one per month, once placed, to ensure integration into the new working environment,  and to allow space for feedback regarding expectations and to raise any potential issues that need to be addressed accordingly, bringing space to express how an organisation is adopting a Strength-based approach or not.

Gallup Research shows creating an environment for great application of strengths, companies can experience these benefits:

  • 6X higher engagement

  • 36% higher performance

  • 43% higher productivity

  • 35-50% higher financial return

  • 83% more likely to be part of a high performing team

Read more about how we work with Candidates ...


Read what others have to say about unlocking their Potential ...

Rehan Christians_edited_edited.jpg

Rehan Christians July 2019 South Africa

I first met Sam in January 2018. The company I was working for was looking for an Accounts Assistant but I was in the final stages of interviewing for a lecturer position, which I mentioned to Sam. She decided to interview me anyway to find out more about what I wanted to do with my life. In the end I turned down the opportunity she was offering and decided to try the lecturer position.

I thought that would be the end of it when in November 2018 Sam called again out of the blue and asked if I would be interested in a junior Implementation Consultant Position which had come up. Sam had remembered I was searching for new challenges and had applied for the lecturer position because I wanted something different from the Book-keeping.

I’d also been getting no responses from organisations relating to what I had studied towards, being Information Systems.  No one was prepared to take a chance on me. I was a mature student and had my degree in Information Systems, but it took someone with a completely different outlook to take a chance and look at what I had to offer in a new way.

Sam put me forward again for the available position and after some interviews and tests, including my Strengths Assessment, I was offered a position doing ERP Implementations. This is also the first time I am actually utilising my Strengths and the many skills I obtained throughout my degree, at the same time.

I think it was the way Sam chose to look at me as a candidate, as well as what my needs were as an employee, together with the requirement of the organisation. Her approach was holistic and just plain refreshing. This is just not something one encounters in most organisations. I am finally using such a broad skill set.

I have always known my strengths, but the Coaching Sessions, which are part of the recruitment process, have made me aware of how I use my Strengths, and not to let these overpower someone else’s, but rather to become intentional about trying to be interdependent.  

Also, not to be over reliant on only my dominant Strengths but to recognise and develop my secondary talents. I feel developing these will make me more complete as an individual and employee and as a partner and father. I feel the benefits could be far reaching beyond just being successful in my current position. All things are interconnected after all, as nothing acts in isolation.

Through the Strengths Awareness I have stopped only concentrating on my own Strengths and now look to others to bring their Strengths too, to assist me in tasks and/or to compliment my own Strengths. I am still relatively new at this, but I do feel I am moving in the right direction.

I would definitely recommend Strengths Recruitment and Coaching to my network.

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