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Where Strengths & Interdependence are mutually inclusive

Our Story

The Journey

A DDO Organisation. WITH Global Strengths Change Institute began to germinate some years ago with an idea to bring together Coaches from all over the world who could come together in unity to bring their Strengths in service of others. It was founded in 2019 by Sam McDonald and has continued to grow through a collaborative approach in order to support and foster a sense of Interdependence,  uniting people through each person's unique Strengths, and in doing so restore faith in our Humanity.   We recognise change is on-going, and use a systemic approach to identify the most efficient means to generate consistent, optimum results in all environments. We believe sustainable change comes from recognising our inter-connectedness. WITH Global Strengths Change Institute seeks to build strong relationships and effect positive on-going  participative change change within Corporates, SME's, Families, Communities and educational institutions. We're looking forward to growing the best version of all people. In 2018 another seed began to grow pioneering Strengths based Recruitment, which is all about placing the right people in roles and environments that suit how they are 'intrinsically' motivated and building on this. The satisfaction is in knowing someone loves their work and the interconnections

Our 'Sponsor Programme' grew out of the recognition that in order for many people to grow their Strengths and put their piece of the puzzle into this beautiful world of ours, they may need to connect with others who can help them grow. This could be in giving your time, as a Mentor, or in financially sponsoring and walking a journey with them to build their success. You can read more about our programme here.

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WITH Strength Coaches working with SME's

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Workshop Facilitator

Strategic. Command. Ideation. Competition . Activator.