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Unlock your top 5 Strengths

A precursor to all Strengths Coaching Packages

  • 30 minutes
  • 25 British pounds
  • Online

Service Description

TAKE A DIVE INTO HOW YOU ARE TRULY WIRED Knowing yourself through your intrinsic motivators, your unique Strengths, is one of the greatest ways to invest in your future. To be interdependent within yourself is to recognise what value you intrinsically contribute to the world, through your innate Strengths, and where you need to rely on others to compliment your patterns of non-Strengths. Once you begin to recognise who you are, as well as whom you are not, self acceptance becomes a possibility and with this, the ability and intention to remain internally balanced, a state that leaves you free to interact with others without negative triggers, leaving you energised and enthused about life and free to be all you can become. Understanding your Strengths gives you the confidence to choose roles and environments that fit who you uniquely are, congruent with your values, and set goals and journeys to achieve the things you have dreamt of, including aligning and gaining an understanding of your life purpose. What to expect: Upon submission of this booking and payment: once payment has been effected a link to access to your online Strengths Assessment will be sent via email. Please allow 30-40 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete this. Once the assessment is completed you will have access to your top 5 online Strengths ebook & additional Strengths Reports pertaining to your individual Strengths. Knowing your Strengths enables you to develop your intrinsic motivators 'what makes you tick' towards a fulfilling life. This is the beginning of your journey. * Top 5-10 'Contributions & Needs Insight Report' available as part of Coaching Programme 2 Hour Strengths Awareness Session and Follow-up 4 x Strengths Coaching package is recommended. Please note: Access to Assessment will only commence once proof of payment has been received in full.

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