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Self Awareness Coaching for Young Learners


At WITH we are passionate about assisting young people, from the time they are making their important subject choices, to deciding which tertiary education or career they want to move into. Most parents and children are at a loss at this time in their children's lives. 


Students are often screened for subject choices in an effort to direct them towards their career opportunities, but become directionless and have no idea of where to go from there. The Coaching process assists in helping identify your child’s passions Strengths and Talent Patterns, moving them forward towards setting achievable goals that fits with their immutable value, taking them from mediocre to amazing, confident in what they have to contribute, and creating a future to be excited about.


All session begin with you your child taking their online Strengths Assessment. Thereafter working with a qualified Coach to take part in an online (or face-to-face if location permits) confidential Strengths Awareness Session for parents and child to learn all about your child's Strengths and how to understanding Interdependent Rules of Engagement© in a very simplistic manner, in order to embrace this way of thinking in your relationship with each other. You can then choose to enrol in 45 minute Coaching Sessions as often as you feel is appropriate for you and your child. You can read more here to understand what a Strength is and how to uncover yours and your child's Strengths (enquire regarding 'StrengthsExplorer for younger children ages 10-14). Just for fun, see if you can 'guess' your child's Strengths here.


Though we do not advocate only participating in the online assessment, we do recognise that for some parents, paying for Individual Coaching can be financially out of reach​. For this reason, we offer online group sessions where parents come together to learn about all 34 Strengths, but more importantly, to gain a much greater understanding of what makes your child tick and why this is important in building great relationships. 

You can complete our online form here and we will send you more details of how you can purchase the online assessment, monthly pricing and a link to our online platform.

At WITH we coach Individuals to recognise their potential through their natural Strengths and Talent patterns in order to be great and succeed in what it is they have ben gifted with. We also encourage interdependence through recognising who they are not and how to call on others to fill in where they are not strong, building self confidence, self awareness and optimism. This helps to build an understanding of what they need, both in terms of their roles and environments, for on-going effective masterful contribution, effectively, "planting the right child in soil that is right for them" .

  • What if your child understood, and was given opportunities to grow, their strongest talents into Strengths?

  • What if they could have an impact on the world, knowing what they're working on in their chosen career, really mattered?

  • What if they could come to a place in their lives where they cared and understood about their purpose?

  • This is the place where their top strengths are utilised. A place they're going to love to engage in, where they feel they are having the biggest impact and the best relationships.

  • This is where they'll be learning and growing and doing work they love and were born to do.

  • Helping your child discover their Individual Strengths & recognise who they authentically are, is the biggest gift of their lives.

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