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Xsoft MSE 2014. Microsoft Office 2013 SP2. MAKER. Virtual Solution 15.8.2 /15.8.0. Visual Web Developer 2010. May 28, 2013.Fireball Hoodlum II – Another Day, Another SNAFU I just can’t believe that I’ve found myself a third customer in a week who found this. I’ve got a list of problems with this site, but they can’t be helped because it’s a throwback 2000s web site. That is, it’s a site that predates the norm of professional web sites for a company. (The first three problems are easy to fix, but the fourth is on me.) Problem 3: No way to add products to a shopping cart. A typical site of this type will have a shopping cart at the bottom of the page that enables you to add items to a shopping cart. After a customer adds something, they will typically be redirected to the Thank You page. To the next customer, the cart is empty and there is nothing they can add. The customer clicks on the site again, the cart is empty and they have to navigate to a second page to add a product. Problem 4: No way to enter your billing information. On some sites, the form for adding your information asks for your billing information, but once it’s entered, there is no way to view your order. There is no place to enter it in the order. There is no way to change anything about the order once it’s created. Problem 5: No way to see my payment information. On most sites, the Payment page will have a listing of customers who have made a purchase on the site. The customer will need to enter their billing information to get to the page where they can make a payment. I need to be able to see my payment information on the site. There is no place to enter it. There is no way to see it. The customer has to enter their information again on the Payment page. Problem 6: No way to view your history. Most sites will have a link on the “Thank You” page that will show a list of your orders. Some sites will have a list of your orders on the home page or a separate page. On this site, it’s on the thank you page. That is fine



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Dhi Mike Zero 2014 Sp3rar marierbu

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