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I am Interdependent with my Community

Where Strengths & Interdependence are mutually inclusive

Interdependent Outreach

A hand up not a hand out ...

WITH on its own is just a word, the moment you add other words to it, it can become something more, a sentence perhaps or a paragraph. This is the same with people. Alone we are nothing and yet when we become interdependent and begin to work with others, we can become something greater. We are born to be interdependent and work towards something purposeful. This triggers ‘reward circuitry’ in our brains and ensures our ongoing survival. 

Purposeful connection with others activates this same intrinsic motivational mechanism and gives us our reason for living, raison d’etre, UBUNTU, Ikigai. We are wired for this. This has a knock-on effect on health, well-being, functional families, communities, the health of a nation, where each individual works together to contribute to the whole.

At WITH we solve the problem of maximising the positive untapped potential of every individual,

thereby helping them to bring their whole selves and their intrinsic value into all environments

(learning, working, social, family) in service of self and the greater humanity. Through the use of the 34 positive constructs of the Gallup Strengths, we create a global language of understanding where our unique intrinsic Strengths and Interdependent rules of engagement© become mutually inclusive.

Reigning in 600 BC, Cyrus the Great of Persia implored us to observe an important law for successful execution of plans, namely: 

“Diversity in Counsel, Unity in Command”

We can bring our intrinsic selves (Strengths) during counsel and be prepared to forfeit them, through interdependence, in command in service of a greater humanity. Thus, we have an obligation to learn who we are intrinsically in order to bring our value; however, we have to do this interdependently, not at the expense of others. This maxim has to be understood and implemented in order to avoid perpetual in-counsel chaos.

At WITH - Global Strengths Change Institute, we recognise growth comes through a collaborative approach, through communities, in order to support and foster a sense of Interdependence. Yet, in order to impact the future, this has to start early in life, with our children.  They do what we do, not what we say, as the old adage goes. 

We need to allow all people, especially children, to gain an understanding of who they are. It is through this understanding we begin to recognise our needs and how we can naturally and intrinsically contribute and become valuable member of society. Every individual, no matter their station in life, has an innate need to contribute and have a reason to wake up in the morning. Without this, desperation and fear are heightened and a sense of worthlessness prevails. 

It is through individual contribution that we begin to recognise our own capabilities and sense of purpose in life, no matter how small the beginnings, and it is through this uniting of people through each person's unique Strengths, that we have the possibility of restoring equity and equality and restore our faith in Humanity. However, assisting people by handing out what they need is not sustainable.

We recognise our environments are complex and constantly changing, and people and our environments require constant adaption. Our needs change, people change, environments change. We therefore cannot adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We need to identify the most efficient means to generate consistent, optimum results in all environments and this must begin at the source, through allowing the uniqueness of individuals to become the new measurement. 

“There is a 476 trillion chance of anyone having the same top 10 Strengths in the same order as yours”

We believe sustainable change comes from recognising our inter-connectedness. WITH Global Strengths Change Institute seeks to build strong relationships and effect positive on-going  participative change by empowering individuals through their unique Strengths growing the best version of all people. 

How you can assist

We have an innate desire to help others, a desire to feel useful, a yearning to reach out to people, yet often we simply do not know how and where to bring this longing to connect with others.  

Sometimes we find we are not in a position to help anyone and we become the person in need. This can feel awkward, uncomfortable and sometimes even dependent. However, have you ever thought that when we humble ourselves, we allow others to bring their gifts, their innate desire to reach out to another human being through their unique Strengths? This builds trust and interdependence within our humanity. 

Our 'Sponsor and Mentorship Programme' grew out of the recognition that in order for many people to grow their Strengths and innate selves, and put their piece of the puzzle into this beautiful world of ours, they may need to connect with others who can nurture and help them grow and it is through this helping that we too begin to soar. Helping one another is mutually beneficial. 

We recognise not everyone is born with the same opportunities, therefore, reaching out to others as a Mentor is an opportunity to give of yourself and your time, or financial support through sponsorship, and walking a journey with an individual to help them to build and create their success. These beautiful individuals, with their positive untapped potential, are waiting for someone just like you.  You can read more about their hopes, dreams and desires below. 

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"look after People and the Profit will follow"

Sam McDonald