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What is a strength & how can you uncover yours?

Interdependent Strength Understanding

No one in the world is quite like you

We are all utterly unique. The chance of finding someone with the same top ten innate Strengths as you in the same order as yours is one in 476 Trillion. When you add to this your upbringing, you are totally unique.

Strengths are naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour that can be productively applied to specific activities and roles which create high Energy and Performance for you and others.


We use the Strengths Finder Assessment to un-lock your Strengths. The assessment is made up of 34 Strengths. Your top 5 report gives those Strengths you use every day. Your 34 report highlights up to 12-15 Strengths as well as your areas of non-Strengths. These are your blind-spot. It is impossible to be good at everything. By partnering with someone who has your blindspots, you enable them, to bring their top Strengths. 


Strengths are those things you do naturally, on a daily basis, without even thinking - how you think, feel & behave. Add to these skills, knowledge and passion and you'll start to uncover those things which you love to do every day. 


These are the things that when you are busy doing them, you'll lose all track of time, getting lost in the moment. We as Strengths Coaches, call this being in the flow. When you're in the flow, you're doing that which you do best, that which you love, and could easily commit to do even if you weren't getting paid.


A strength is the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance in a specific activity. The key to building a strength is to identify your dominant talents,  (using our online assessment) then compliment these talents by acquiring knowledge and skills pertinent to the activity.


What is that one thing, you do better than 476 trillion others?


If you've ever wondered what you're good at, why you do the things you do, think the way you do, feel the way you do, who you are, then Strengths is for you.  You'll realise, after having unlocked your strengths, these are as innately entrenched into your person as your own DNA

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