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A Social Impact Concept for under-resourced South African Youth

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Motivate One Million (MOM)

Our Mission is to unlock & fulfil the positive un-tapped Potential of People like YOU

Let's Positively Impact the Future Together

Have you ever wondered why some people get privileged opportunities in life yet you don't? Why some people are looked upon as having value yet not you?  Are you ambitious and just know you have potential to be unlocked?


Can you see how having a group of like-minded individuals to be around could grow you? Do you want to be part of a 'self-learning' environment that gets you aligned with your purpose, passion, and intrinsic-identity as fast as possible?

Knowing who you are and your motivational-dna could mean the difference between your success or failure.  We connect you to yourself & like-minded others to grow the best version of you.  Ready?

Empowering & capacitating youth towards agency & growth 

Intrinsic Motivation is Universal. To see the intrinsic potential of another and hold them in high regard can be the impetus to change somebody's life. Imagine a future where everyone is given agency to bring their best potential to the world.