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Its time ...
to unlock Yourself


Nothing in the world prepared us to truly understand who we are or that misunderstandings & triggers come because we're all so different.


  • Unlock your true potential & uniqueness  

  • Learn the language of talents as the key to understanding what drives others and yourself


Your uniqueness is  after-all

infinitely different to everyone else

*Booking for online access to top 5 online Strengths Assessment  - includes Strength Reports and engagement in an online Strength Mastermind Group


COMPLETE OUR FORM NOW ... and we'll do the rest

Please note: Upon submission of this form, an invoice will be generated for payment. Once payment has been effected, access to your online Strengths Assessment will be sent via email. Please allow 30-40 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete this.


Once the assessment is completed, a follow-up email will be generated explaining the process of joining an online Strength Mastermind Group where you will engage in a self organised group to share your own personal insights around your Strengths and learn more about how others experience the dynamics of their Strengths.

Payments via direct deposit or credit card. 


Sessions will commence once proof of payment has been received. Please email POP directly to:


We Recommend Strengths Coaching for you

Unlocking your top 5 Strengths is just the start.


Engaging in one-on-one time with a qualified Strengths Coach will help you to build your knowledge and grow your Strengths where you will have time, in confidence, to understand your Intrinsic-Identity© and the intrinsic value, contributions and needs, unique to who you are. 


Coaching Sessions may include the following: 


Access to upgrade to your full 34 Strengths Report (below).  Suitable for individuals from age 14yrs+ .


Online ebook & *Reports pertaining to your individual Strengths.


*Free Top 5 'Contributions & Needs' Insight Report available as part of additional Coaching Package

* Top 5-10 'Contributions & Needs Insight Report' available as part of additional Coaching Package

* please note this special offer is for top 5 online Strengths Assessment access only along with the online self directed Mastermind Group for which details will be sent on how to participate. Not coaching. 

Click here to book 4 x one-on-one Coaching Sessions

Click here to book 8 x one-on-one Coaching Sessions

Click here to book 12 x  one-on-one Coaching Sessions

Click here to book your full online Strengths Assessment and 2 hour Awareness Session

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

We're looking forward to walking this Strengths Journey with you.

warm regards

The WITH Team

For an investment of ONLY £99

You're interested in:




  • $149

  • R1499

  • £99

  • €125

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Our Social Responsibility Pledge

At WITH we believe the world wo be a very different place if everyone knew and understood their Strengths and Interdependence. Therefore, through your generosity in purchasing this package, one under-resourced person will benefit from a pro-bono Strengths Coaching Package worth £225 towards their personal Strengths Journey - thank you for helping to grow the Strengths Revolution

FUNDED ASSESSMENTS: We don't like to turn anyone away as we believe everyone has the right to understand and act on their intrinsic value. With this, we  have a small number of fully funded 2 Hour Awareness Sessions for people who wouldn't otherwise be able to participate in understanding their Strengths. Apply here putting 'Funded Assessments' as the subject line. 


We want EVERYONE to engage in Strengths Awareness. Opt to make a Contribution if you feel our pricing is unaffordable for you. The Assessment price is a non-negotiable as this is a set price, however, we will aim to find you a Coach who will work with you for what is affordable to your family. Contact us on the form above writing 'OPT TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION' in the subject line and telling us who you are and how we can assist you. 

Corporate Contact Form: Contact Us
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