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I am interdependent with myself

Where Strengths & Interdependence are mutually inclusive

"Your cross to bear, is your gift to share "

Sam McDonald

Knowing your Individual Strengths

Knowing yourself through your intrinsic motivators, your unique Strengths, is one of the greatest ways to invest in your future. To be interdependent within yourself is to recognise what value you intrinsically contribute to the world, through your innate Strengths, and where you need to rely on others to compliment your patterns of non-Strengths. 


Once you begin to recognise who you are, as well as whom you are not, self acceptance becomes a possibility and with this, the ability and intention to remain internally balanced, a state that leaves you free to interact with others without negative triggers, leaving you energised and enthused about life and free to be all you can become.


Understanding your Strengths gives you the confidence to choose roles and environments that fit who you uniquely are, congruent with your values, and set goals and journeys to achieve the things you have dreamt of, including aligning and gaining an understanding of your life purpose. 


When you add skills and knowledge to your unique Strengths you learn much quicker, are more energised around what you are learning and doing, and feel an immense sense of ‘participating in the right thing’.  Doing what is right for your unique set of Strengths is like planting and nurturing the right tree in the right soil and adding water and fertiliser that is right for you.


We begin with your Strengths Assessment and thereafter you get to work with a qualified Strengths Coach. You decide how you would like to utilise the Coaching Sessions and these can be for a multitude of reasons, too many to mention here, but may include career change, addressing limiting beliefs and creating purposeful step-by-step plans to uncover and achieve your goals - all with a focus on both Strengths and Interdependence. 


Our Coaches are all Unique


We have Coaches who focus on Career, Relationships, Family, Money, Equality, Personal Development, Confidence, the list is endless,  yet they will always bring in the 'Strengths' element to the discussion in order to focus on your uniqueness. Scroll through the list of Coaches below to see if you find a personal fit or contact us, telling us specifically what you think you are looking for and we will match you with a handful of Coaches for you to make your personal choice. 


All session begin with you taking your personal online Strengths Assessment. Thereafter working with a qualified Coach to take part in an online (or face-to-face if location permits) confidential two hour Strengths Awareness Session to learn all about yourself and how to understanding Interdependent Rules of Engagement in a very simplistic manner, in order to embrace this way of thinking in your life. You can then choose to enrol in 45 minute Coaching Sessions as often as you feel is appropriate for you. 

Click here to understand what a Strength is and how you can uncover yours.

Read more here about 'Self Awareness Coaching' for Youth. 

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