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I am interdependent with my family

Where Strengths & Interdependence are mutually inclusive

"Your cross to bear, is your gift to share "

Sam McDonald

Functional Families

thrive through interdependent engagement

Families are the main stay of our societies which is why it is imperative to raise children through interdependent rules of engagement with a focus on what is right with them through their Strengths.  This creates a positive mindset. 

For too long we have confused freedom with independence which has left parents and children feeling disrespected and not heard, from both sides. Freedom comes through interdependent relationships, where we all win.

How can you understand Strengths &  ‘Interdependent Rules of Engagement’?

It starts with you

Inviting a qualified WITH Coach into your family who works through Strengths and Interdependence is where your journey begins. This will start with your personal Strengths Assessment. Thereafter you will spend two hours with a fully qualified Coach to gain a deep understanding into the contributions and needs of your Strengths and how and why sometimes you are triggered into functioning out of Interdependence and what to do about it. Thereafter, it is imperative to engage in personal Strengths Coaching.

Adopting a Culture of Interdependence through Strengths within your Family

Each person within your family is invited to engage in the Strengths Assessment and Coaching. Once the initial ground-work has been completed, one of our fully qualified Coaches will work with your whole family. There are ‘rules’ to how engagement takes place in these group sessions, which include, but are not limited to:

  • To come with Positive Intent

  • No Judgement

  • Acceptance of each other’s intrinsic nature

This is by no means a quick fix. Creating new ways of engaging take commitment and choosing to enter into long-term ‘new’ ways of relating, seeing and being with each other. If you are prepared to put in the effort, without force, the rewards can be exponential. 

Ready to engage?

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WITH Family Strength Coaches

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