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Cape Town

Organisational Coaching for Executives

"See what fantastic results can be achieved when everyone in your organisation plays optimally to their Strengths" #5 PERFORMANCE +36% HIGHER #4 INCREASED TRUST #3 PRODUCTIVITY +43% HIGHER #2 +83% TEAM PERFORMANCE #1 ENGAGEMENT 6 X Join us in this interactive workshop for especially for Executives

Organisational Coaching for Executives
Organisational Coaching for Executives

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa

About the Event


Without rules of engagement, people pull in their own direction. Choosing to adopt the culture of  'Interdependent Rules of Engagement© (I-ROE©)' coupled with the global language of Strengths is to begin a process of understanding firstly what it is you, as a leader, innately bring to a role and environment and where you maximize your own potential and why. 

Thereafter, leaders have a responsibility to know their employees intrinsically because people eventually tire or die from extrinsic motivation.   Intrinsic motivation comes from something deep within you that resonates with who you naturally are. It is your role to assist your colleagues in the discovery of their innate talents and strengths.

Today we measure this through an online assessment revealing natural talents and strengths. Did you know we all have natural ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that are 476 trillion times different to anyone else?  

If you want engaged, productive, energised staff you have to look at what motivates them and this is no secret. Simply, it comes from the things they do naturally. When you make an intentional decision around this, you can engage in a Strengths and Interdependence Culture Programme for your organisation where talents and strengths are developed exponentially by investing in natural motivators, and growing these, so people can bring their whole selves to work.  

You'll learn about 'Strengths Recruitment©' where we investigate best role and environment fit for individuals, looking at value congruency as well as your organisational 'Purpose and Values' and why they are so important. *The cost of NOT employing through Strengths Recruitment© is huge.  

Interdependence is to know your individual strengths and weaknesses and to understand when to lean and when to support, regardless of the situation, or the people you are surrounded by. The definition is “the dependence of two or more people, or things, on each other”.

The “I” in Interdependence represents individual confidence in the company of others implying community; team; collaboration; relationships; togetherness; progression in the company of others; UBUNTU - "I am because we are" ... 

* I am interdependent with myself

* I am interdependent with my family

* I am interdependent with my friends

* I am interdependent with my colleagues

* I am interdependent with my peers

*Want to know how much your 'Disengaged Employees' are costing you? Read what Forbes has to say here ...

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