Employ me on my Strengths

Building Nations through the Success of Individuals where People, Purpose,  

& Passion come first in order to achieve Profits. 

Employment is more than just qualifications and experience - we're motivated through our intrinsic Strengths. This is why at WITH we advocate finding work that fits both your values and your intrinsic motivators and, more importantly, work with companies who work towards creating a 'Strengths-based Culture'. 

Organizations with strengths-based cultures experience higher employee engagement, retention, productivity and performance - Gallup

  • 29% increased profit

  • 19% increased sales

  • 72% lower attrition

  • 7% higher customer engagement


This is why we encourage you to understand your intrinsic motivators through your Strengths and find work that inspires this motivation.

How does this work?

We book an online Strengths Assessment for you and then a two hours of online time with one of our trained Strengths Coaches who will take you through an intense session to understand how you are wired. We will then add you to our database and find work that is more congruent with who you are ... read more

To register get in touch and we will send all the details you need to start.  We look forward to you walking this journey with you ...


Read what others have to say about unlocking their Potential ...

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Rehan Christians July 2019 South Africa

I first met Sam in January 2018. The company I was working for was looking for an Accounts Assistant but I was in the final stages of interviewing for a lecturer position, which I mentioned to Sam. She decided to interview me anyway to find out more about what I wanted to do with my life. In the end I turned down the opportunity she was offering and decided to try the lecturer position.

I thought that would be the end of it when in November 2018 Sam called again out of the blue and asked if I would be interested in a junior Implementation Consultant Position which had come up. Sam had remembered I was searching for new challenges and had applied for the lecturer position because I wanted something different from the Book-keeping.

I’d also been getting no responses from organisations relating to what I had studied towards, being Information Systems.  No one was prepared to take a chance on me. I was a mature student and had my degree in Information Systems, but it took someone with a completely different outlook to take a chance and look at what I had to offer in a new way.

Sam put me forward again for the available position and after some interviews and tests, including my Strengths Assessment, I was offered a position doing ERP Implementations. This is also the first time I am actually utilising my Strengths and the many skills I obtained throughout my degree, at the same time.

I think it was the way Sam chose to look at me as a candidate, as well as what my needs were as an employee, together with the requirement of the organisation. Her approach was holistic and just plain refreshing. This is just not something one encounters in most organisations. I am finally using such a broad skill set.

I have always known my strengths, but the Coaching Sessions, which are part of the recruitment process, have made me aware of how I use my Strengths, and not to let these overpower someone else’s, but rather to become intentional about trying to be interdependent.  

Also, not to be over reliant on only my dominant Strengths but to recognise and develop my secondary talents. I feel developing these will make me more complete as an individual and employee and as a partner and father. I feel the benefits could be far reaching beyond just being successful in my current position. All things are interconnected after all, as nothing acts in isolation.

Through the Strengths Awareness I have stopped only concentrating on my own Strengths and now look to others to bring their Strengths too, to assist me in tasks and/or to compliment my own Strengths. I am still relatively new at this, but I do feel I am moving in the right direction.

I would definitely recommend Strengths Recruitment and Coaching to my network.