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I am interdependent with my peers

Where Strengths & Interdependence are mutually inclusive


The Strengths Journey

WITH Global Strengths Change Institute  takes a unique innovative approach to bring Strengths Facilitation Programmes to Education by trying, where possible, to include all role players: children, teachers and parents in the Strengths journey. We recognise that for children to understand how they are intrinsically motivated, this has to be part of a systemic approach and begin early on in life. This begins with ‘Strengths Spotting’ as early as five years of age and later, from age ten years onwards, to take the online Strengths Assessment.

We encourage Educational Environments to nurture children by asking "what would happen if we look at what is right with children" with a focus on their innate talents and strengths, building on these through embracing and encouraging  'Interdependent Rules of Engagement©'.

We train a 'Strengths Champ' as part of our programme leaving schools free at the end to carry out what they have learnt with direct connection to our trained online and face-to-face Education Coaches. We also encourage 'Buddy Coaching' as part of the process to build the confidence of all involved. More ...

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Make the positive shift we've all been wanting by introducing a Strengths-based approach to education and learning. Contact us on the button below to schedule a free online chat to see how we might work together:

WITH Strength Coaches for Education

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