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The Clifton StrengthsFinder™

You are careful. You are vigilant. You are a private person. You know that the world is an unpredictable place. Everything may seem in order, but beneath the surface you sense the many risks. Rather than denying these risks, you draw each one out into the open. Then each risk can be identified, assessed, and ultimately reduced. Thus, you are a fairly serious person who approaches life with a certain reserve. For example, you like to plan ahead so as to anticipate what might go wrong. You select your friends cautiously and keep your own counsel when the conversation turns to personal matters. You are careful not to give too much praise and recognition, lest it be misconstrued. If some people don't like you because you are not as effusive as others, then so be it. For you, life is not a popularity contest. Life is something of a minefield. Others can run through it recklessly if they so choose, but you take a different approach. You identify the dangers, weigh their relative impact, and then place your feet deliberately. You walk with care.

Action Items for This Theme

You have naturally good judgment, so consider work in which you can provide advice and counsel. You might be especially adept at legal work, crafting sound business deals, or ensuring compliance of regulations.

During times of change, consider the advantages of being conservative in your decision making. Be ready to explain these advantages to others when pressed.

You have confidence in your own judgment, so always do what you think is sensible, regardless of the impact on your popularity.

You see things that others do not. Whatever your role, take responsibility for helping others think through their decisions. You will soon be sought as a valuable sounding board.

Don't let anyone push you into revealing too much of yourself too soon. Check people out carefully before sharing confidential information. You naturally build friendships slowly, so take pride in your small circle of good friends.

Be ready to:

Partner with someone with a strong Command, Self-Assurance, or Activator theme. Together you will make many decisions, and these decisions will be sound.

Explain your process of careful decision making. Clarify that you highlight risk in order to take control and reduce it. You don't want others to misconstrue your Deliberative theme for tentativeness or fear of action.

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