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I am interdependent with my Colleagues

Where Strengths & Interdependence are mutually inclusive

Evolution of Collective Engagement

Within Organisations

We want to assist to build effortless relationships to anticipate smart people management within your organisation

Why is it that since the 1940's only 30% of Organisational Change Programmes have been successful?


Our world is changing at an exponential rate and our systems, such as corporations, educational institutions, communities and families, are complex and adaptive. This means any organisational transformation has to be ongoing and adaptive too and recognise the integrative of these systems.


"Disengaged employees have 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity and 15% lower profitability" - Gallup

What is required is a set of 'Interdependent rules of engagement©' and people especially need a global 'language of understanding'. Unless the systems in which we operate know and understand the rules of engagement, and unless these rules are interdependent, people will constantly feel dependent on the organisation for instruction or  will operate from a silo mentality. 


At WITH our year-long Transformation Programs become intentional about adopting a change in culture that synthesises 'Interdependent Rules of Engagement©' with the global and positive language of Strengths - the intrinsic motivators that generate successful indicators of increased team performance, engagement, trust,  productivity and individual performance. 






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"Your cross to bear, is your gift to share "

Sam McDonald