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Want to Join WITH-Humanity?

Our purpose is to unlock the Intrinsic_Identity© of all people in service of more impactful and positive futures by empowering every individual to realise we each have something unique and wonderful to contribute towards society and thus, our futures.  As a diverse world, WITH-Humanity recognises that every single human being has something powerful and unique to contribute and that the emerging future ‘has’ to include all of us. Not only is this fair and equitable, but we believe it is the only way the world can operate in equilibrium and interdependence as part of its natural and sustainable design. This requires that we make space for each to play our part as a more equilibrated and interdependent world emerges. If one part of a system is dysfunctional, this dysfunction becomes systemic. This is why transparency is one of WITH-Humanity’s greatest values, so we are able to see and view things at a much deeper level to ensure a healthy equilibrium for each of us. 


We see ourselves as a Social Impact Enterprise promoting the services of trained Strengths Coaches in order to facilitate Strengths & Interdependence Coaching + Learning + Workshop Series. towards ongoing Strengths & Interdependence Coaching and Development. We aim to impact various environments including, but not limited to, Corporations, Education, Families & Individuals, covering environments which fit into the STEEP acronym - which we believe has the potential to change the future of the world by creating foundational programmes that act as a ‘Global Language of Understanding’.  For this reason we encourage you to decide where you play at your best, which environments motivate you?


WITH-Humanity’s entire premise is about creating significant global social & environmental impact by giving people agency over their own lives and environments. We teach each individual about their Intrinsic-Identity© and why this is an important ‘language’ with which to understand each other’s unique intrinsic value, motivation, and where our energy is derived from. Knowing one’s Intrinsic-Identity© we can also learn to manage our negative energies, and so mitigate conflict, building upon our positive energies and thus, help map people to roles and environments where they are more likely to thrive. This sets a foundation upon which to build a future with immense positive impact. 


Recognising that we are our happiest when helping others, our Social Responsibility Programme was formed with the intention of matching those in need to Mentors and/or Sponsors in order for these individuals to develop into their full potential. The programme is a cross sectoral partnership between business leaders and young people in need of guidance and a ‘hand up’ either through mentorship and/or sponsorship towards studies or micro business ideas.  This is a highly reciprocal learning process, building awareness, growth and, through the Strengths & Interdependence intervention WITH-Humanity offers, gives both parties insight into the intrinsic value and motivation behind people, their contributions, purposes and helps to establish their ‘why’ in order to become self actualised people who are purpose driven. 


The partnerships have the possibility to unlock the most remarkable benefits - beyond just the network benefits, towards the connection of needs. They create and build extraordinarily close relationships between people who otherwise may never have engaged in creating personal agency and hope, and satisfying our deep longing to assist in building a better humanity. WITH-Humanity will try in all cases to find funding for this programme, however, your commitment to WITH-Humanity is with the full understanding that you are willing to give some of your Coaching time pro-bono to these individuals, should the situation necessitate. WITH-Humanity will provide the CliftonStrength® Assessment codes as our interdependent commitment to this outreach programme. 


We see the world is emerging as a collaborative energy where each person is able to add their contributions and in return be part of something purposeful and greater than one’s self, whilst gaining useful experience which can then be utilised as credentialed information on their resume as a WITH-Humanity Coach. Further to this, we believe that in order to build WITH-Humanity into something more purposeful, we require people from all walks of life to bring their unique Intrinsic-Identity© and value to make the whole greater. This may be in the form of knowledge and ideas, methodologies, frameworks and tools that can help us to create greater value and expedite our purposeful vision in the world.


Our commitment to you is to offer a support group of intentional and conscious Coaches who commit to see you for your Intrinsic-Identity© and commit to assist you to be the best version of yourself whilst creating an environment for you to develop and thrive whilst part of WITH-Humanity. We buy into the concept of a Deliberately Development Organisation (DDO) which looks at growth paths for all people where possible. With this in mind, should any of our Coaches require Mentoring and/or Sponsorship for their personal development and growth, over and above their Coaching work, this will be made known to WITH by the individual and we will make every effort to ‘match’ you to the correct person in as short a time as possible as our mission is focused on unlocking the positive untapped potential of all people including our Coaches as we are about your ongoing development too. As part of our desire to build a Coaching Community, our desire as one of our trusted Coaches, is that you will be willing to Coach and Mentor your colleagues on a pro-bono, give-back, basis. We would also encourage you to write your ‘personal story’ of who you are as a Coach, and your personal attributes, which we will share on Social media , but more importantly under your profile on our website. WITH-Humanity also commits where possible to continue your own individual learning of Strengths and Interdependence and this may include inviting you into one of our online Strengths Mastermind Groups and/or leading such a group. Please note: this too will be on a pro-bono basis. 


For relationships to be effective, one is required to be honest & open with each other and engage in WITH's Interdependent Rules of Engagement© as follows:


Interdependent Rules of Engagement©

  • To engage with positive intent

  • No Judgement

  • Acceptance of each person's uniqueness

  • To ask before sharing an observation

  • To stay for the long-haul if/when an issue arises, with the objective of applying each of these principles of engagement always. 

Our Commitment to You

As part of our commitment to working collaboratively, our rules of engagement adopt the premise of Interdependence. Therefore, in our working together, we'll assist in your learning of our ‘Interdependent Rules of Engagement© Model,  and as well as together enhancing our mutual  understanding of ‘Strengths’= as a language of understanding' and hope you'll endeavour to use the strategies taught to you in your day to day activities at WITH-Humanity where possible.  As a DDO we commit to spend time to understand your unique Intrinsic-Identity©, motivations and value offering to set you up for success upon joining us. 

Legalities: Everything that comes into the organisation, stays in the organisation, and we request, just as when signing an NDA, all information is kept confidential. "I acknowledge this agreement between WITH-Humanity and myself, and the conditions set out herein, and understand that WITH-Humanity will retain all ownership of any intellectual property (IP), with the exception that permission for use of the content of their IP will be granted to myself up until the day I cease to be a WITH-Humanity coach. I further agree to a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement, and as such, all WITH-Humanity's information will remain confidential between myself and WITH-Humanity ".

Resolving Issues: If anyone ever says or does anything you feel uncomfortable with, or if you have any concern with the way we are working together, please let us know as soon as possible. The procedure would be for you to send an email here  or if urgent a WhatsApp (+27726059909) briefly outlining the issue to be addressed. We will endeavour to respond the same day.

Termination:   Should you wish to discontinue as a WITH-Humanity coach this should be done in writing here giving a calendar month notice where possible, writing Coach Termination as the subject line. 

Upon submission of this form you will be sent details outlining the next steps. 

We thank you for your commitment to building WITH-Humanity and the Strengths and Interdependence Revolution

Team WITH-Humanity 🙏🏿

Nature of Joining WITH-Humanity as a Strength Coach

The Strength Coach is aware that this is a paid role to deliver Coaching as per an individual or organisational requirement. You will be expected to have a minimum of two years experience in the understanding of the CliftonStrength® Assessment and Language of the 34 Strengths, as well as a Coaching qualification that allows you to at least understand the principles of Coaching. There is an expectation for you to read and follow the WITH-Humanity Framework which, besides Strengths, will include the Interdependent Rules of Engagement, which will be provided, and is what WITH-Humanity sees as its specific value proposition. Joining as a Strength Coach at WITH-Humanity is not guaranteed to meet all of your work needs and requirements, as we can only offer work if and when it becomes available.  If we are able to work together interdependently to understand what we all expect as the agreed upon outcomes, we can build a formidable team. You therefore enter into your coaching role with the full understanding that you are responsible for creating your own outcomes and results with the client/s and any success that is gained will come as much from the effort you are prepared to offer, as it will be from the commitment we make to our Coaches to assist in the hours you are prepared to work. 


WITH-Humanity will not be held responsible, in any way whatsoever, for directives followed by the coach or the client. We will ensure, at all times, to remain encouraging, motivating and enthusiastic in helping you achieve your professional goals, dreams and objectives, whilst at the same time having an expectation of your assisting WITH-Humanity to grow their Strengths & Interdependence Movement. We commit to be open to discuss any suggestions you make in writing for the betterment of WITH-Humanity. 


Commitment: The Coach agrees to arrive for scheduled meetings at pre-arranged times 5-10 minutes prior to session, having done the prework expected, of reading through the client’s Strengths Reports and any other materials necessary to perform the coaching and/or training, and to let us know if you cannot attend & to honour any commitment to deadlines for work. 


Your submission of this form electronically is in  agreement & acceptance of staff of WITH having access to your Strengths Reports and that you have read and agreed to the objectives of this Manifesto.


Submitting the form below, commits as an electronic signature, stating that you have read and understood everything contained on this page, including the legalities to the left of this page, agreeing to the requests stipulated, and that this is the binding of our interdependent social contract and all that is required of you.

Strengths & Interdependence Coaching

"We see you even when you no longer see yourself"

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