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We all have dreams

Your Sponsorship or Mentorship could help someone realise theirs ...

Success can help build nations

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have a burning desire to be someone, to uplift your life and realise your dreams? Perhaps you have walked in these shoes and have compassion for others who wish to fulfil their hopes, dreams and desires. 

Every day I come across people in different parts of the globe who are waiting to be spotted and recognised by someone more fortunate than themselves. I love chatting to everyone I meet to hear what their future plans are for their lives. Some people have never been given permission to dream or to believe that dreams are possible, and yet I manage to encourage and coax people into sharing their passion for life with me. 

These people have been encouraged to share this openly on WITH to find someone just like you who can believe in them, until they begin to believe in themselves. 

When I was this very person, all those years ago, I was fortunate to convince my Mum to let me participate in a school exchange programme to Germany. I had to do a lot of convincing because we already had five children living in a comfortable three bedroomed home. That experience changed my life, my mental models and my world views. I came home a changed person who could dream bigger. It is for this reason that I encourage you, as a Sponsor or Mentor, to consider after a period of time, to allow this person the same opportunity I received all those years ago, to visit you in your country. 

I believe we all have a deep innate desire to help others, yet often we are unsure how. So this page here is about encouragement of young people to reach their dreams, become their best and believe everything is possible. With your help they can be mentored or sponsored or both. 

To find out more information, please quote the details of the person with whom you would like to be connected or leave this blank and we will send you information regarding the programme. 

We look forward to you walking this journey of future hope and encouragement.

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