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Ana Proaño Niño


Connectedness . Developer . Positivity . Individualisation . Empathy

Live life on your own terms.  Reconnect with yourself and others and live through your true self. Experience how incredible, beautiful and extraordinary life can be through your heart and emotions and, as a consequence, know that dreams really do come true, and that magic is simply waiting for us to find it ...

To many of us, the present moments can feel like an onslaught of negative emotional energies, sometimes too many to cope with. Ana recognised this many years ago, when she developed her programme called 'Spaces'.

Using her emotional relationship building Strengths she uses her heart to hold an ‘emotional’ space, especially for you.


Sometimes we need someone who can listen deeply to understand how we feel we are drowning in our own emotional energy. Others may feel  and recognise, through the craziness of the world, that theirs, or their partner's,  emotional relationship building Strengths have ‘gone to sleep’ and desperately need to reconnect in order to enhance the relationship.


Reconnecting with our emotional self is an important aspect of remaining in equilibrium.  Ana is neither a Strengths Coach or a Councillor. She uses Strengths only as a guideline to understand the unique language of your Strengths. It’s the ‘Spaces’ as she calls it, which is what her sessions are focussed on & holding this emotional space especially for you to hear your own heart beat.


She herself leads with the Strength of Connectedness & has almost all the relationship building Strengths, as well as Strategic and Ideation which allows her to connect the dots and get to the very root of your heart, looking at things in a systemic way. 


Among its many benefits, these sessions  help to improve your awareness of your emotional self, the impact of your emotions on self and others, and how to create an emotional space for yourself in our busy lives.


Those who have engaged in 'Spaces' described feeling more relaxed, and deeply listened to and heard, as well as feeling Ana's natural compassion and empathy, demonstrating an enhanced ability feel into the space with calm, patience and a tender heart, so rare in today's fast paced world. 

Highly recommended for all adults and children who have lost that sense of emotional connection with self  and others.  This programme is also especially geared  for a world where  stigma is attached  to males expressing their emotional side.



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