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Where Strengths and Interdependence are Mutually Inclusive - Stronger Together

We are born to be interdependent, commune, and work towards something purposeful. This triggers ‘reward circuitry’ in our brains and ensures our ongoing survival. Purposeful connection with others activates this same intrinsic motivational mechanism and gives us our reason for being, raison d’etre, UBUNTU, Ikigai. This has a knock-on effect on health, well-being, functional families, work environments, communities, the health of a nation; where each individual works together to contribute to the whole. 

The creation of WITH Global Strengths Change Institute began to germinate some years ago with an idea to bring together Strengths Coaches from all over the world who would unite to bring Strengths in numbers in service of others. Founded in 2018 by Sam McDonald, it  has continued to grow through a collaborative approach, supporting and fostering a sense of Interdependence,  uniting people through each person's unique Strengths, and in doing so, connecting people globally where we all speak a common language of Strengths.   

We recognise people and the world around us are complex adaptive systems and change is on-going. We therefore use a systemic approach to identify the most efficient means to generate consistent, optimum, evolutionary results, linking all environments, as we  know sustainable change comes from recognising our inter-connectedness. 

WITH Global Strengths Change Institute seeks to build strong interdependent relationships connecting people through  positive on-going  participative change within Corporates, SME's, Families, Communities, individuals and educational institutions.

Our Strengths-based Recruitment Offering began in 2018, and though we do not use the assessment as a placement tool per-say, we do work through the assessment to create stronger individuals who know how they  are 'intrinsically' motivated and build on this. This comes as part of a desire to help people place themselves in the right role and environment that will allow them to grow their innate talents into Strengths that contribute effectively to society. 

WITH is an advocate for 'Deliberately Developmental Organisations' (DDO) and as such, we're looking forward to growing the best version of all people.  The satisfaction is in knowing someone loves their work and the systemic positive interconnections that can evolve as a consequence into our world.

Our 'Social Responsibility Programme' has been put together to offer a hand up, not a hand out, with the idea of gaining visibility for under-resourced individuals and Start-ups, enabling them to place their beautiful 'piece of the puzzle' into this incredible world of ours and be seen, connecting with others who can help them grow. This could be in you giving your time as a Mentor, or in Financially Sponsoring and walking a journey to help someone build their dreams and success. You can read more about our programme here.

We thank you for taking your valuable time to read our story so far and invite you to become part of the future of WITH …

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