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0002 Seeking a role as: Foresight Internship

Strengths: Communication . Futuristic . Input . Strategic . Ideation . Activator . Command . Includer . WOO . Focus 

Are you seeking a Foresight Intern to join your forward thinking Team?

I am an individual who naturally lives in the future, but more importantly than this, I’m an upstream thinker. I go back to understand the why? and then strategise the most resourceful, agile and appropriate way to move forward. I’m a normative futurist believing in creating the future by setting and working towards achievable strategic goals.

Therefore I will take different approaches to think about and explore the necessary factors such as characteristics, events and behaviour; scanning the environments for opportunities and challenges in order to anticipate those things that could give rise to shape possible, probable and preferable futures.

I am looking for an internship where I can explore the practical application of my graduate qualification in Futures Studies to practice the techniques and assist organisations and policymakers anticipate and learn about futures coupled with Strategic Planning and ideas to learn how to implement more resilient practices.

I am a determined and ambitious self starter influencing people’s thinking in order to create necessary change. I easily focus on the job at hand, through prior ideation and exploration of the ‘what ifs’. I am a team player and strong advocate for a more equitable world. Also a comfortable communicator both verbal and written with an expertise in human behaviour and social entrepreneurship.

Availability Immediately.

Please quote ref number above upon application using the email address below.

+27726059909 WhatsApp

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