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0001 Seeking a role as: Pharmaceutical Assistant UK

Strengths: Individualization . Empathy . Achiever . Harmony . Adaptability. 

Do you value the services of a Pharmaceutical Assistant who can take responsibility, is hard-working and has an intuitive sense of her Team?

I am an individual who has an intuitive sense of others and take psychological ownership and responsibility of the task at hand. This assisted me in my role as a 'Team Leader' within a large UK based Pharmaceutical organisation as I am a hard-worker and have this same expectation of others, whilst at the same time recognising we are all different and have a need to be treated as such. This is a top value for me. I seek consensus by nature and thus, try to create a harmonious environment if the organisation I am working for allows me to bring this. I am flexible and prefer to work within an ever-changing environment, getting my energy from this variety. I thrive in a crisis, take responsibility and run with whatever comes my way.  This comes with a caveat. I do not like to be micro-managed. Whatever is given to me to take charge of I will do and ensure others meet that deadline with me.  I do with with the greatest empathy and understanding.

I am looking to move from my current position because quite simply, I am under-utilised. I require a fast-moving environment that thrives on hard-work and rewards me and my team for pulling out all the stops. I value integrity and therefore expect this in return from whoever employs my services.

In an effort to find an environment with variety, I decided to Locum and have been doing this for the past two years. What has been missing from this position are challenges and I find that the monotony of the same mundaneness of the work I do is killing my enthusiasm. 

I would therefore like to find a position where my position as a pharmaceutical assistant allows me autonomy and rewards my responsibility and hard work, where I am able to develop myself and others and work to tight deadlines within an ever changing environment where variety is the order of the day. I like to take responsibility and be in charge of my team and keep busy and will remain dedicated to my company under these circumstances. 

Will also consider environments other than Pharmaceutical where similar role type is required.

Please quote ref number above upon application using the email address below.

+27726059909 WhatsApp

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