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We're in the business of helping individuals flourish ...

... bringing greater diversity, equity, and inclusion to the world

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At WITH-Humanity we champion two causes: empowering agency in both marginalised and affluent individuals and
unlocking natural talents & Intrinsic-Identity so every individual can know their value 
Individually  . Collectively .  Universally. 
Virtual Team Meeting


Nothing in the world prepares us to truly understand who we are or that our misunderstandings & triggers come as a consequence of our differences. We need to learn a universal language of understanding, one that explains what drives and motivates us to optimise ourselves, as well as what pulls us down into those dark places we'd rather not be in. Our uniqueness is after-all infinitely different to each other.


Bring understanding to your intrinsic wiring in this 'self organised' online group. What to expect from this enrolment: * First 30 minute booking gives you online access to your Strength Assessment to Unlock Your True Potential & Uniqueness (old assessment will be used if taken previously)

  • Online Reports pertaining to your individual TOP 5 Strengths for self learning Online Strengths Introductory Booklet to get you started in your Mastermind Group

  • Access to a group of like-minded Individuals with top Strengths in common with yours

  • Suitable for all individuals

  • OECD pricing plans support under-resourced individuals to take part in this programme.


Please note: there is no set day: the day and time to meet will be decided between participants who are subscribing to this service. Our suggestion is every 2 weeks on a day that suits all participants. There is no end date, leaving you to meet for as long as you individually choose.


NB: Once payment is reflected you will be sent access to your online Strengths Assessment which takes approx. 30 mins. Once this is complete you will be expected to take a few days to absorb the information in your personal reports. Thereafter we will email online access to the Strengths MasterMind Introductory Booklet to get you started in your Mastermind Group.


It may take a few weeks before you meet fellow participants as this is dependent on the number of subscribers. However, we will do our best to make this process as short as possible.


Email here should you have any questions:


Follow-up: 34 Talent Assessment +Coaching is recommended, a precursor to all Strengths Coaching Packages which includes Top 5 'Contributions & Needs Report'. This can assist in your future trajectory and career planning, as well as understanding yourself in greater detail in the presence of a trained Coach.


Please note: Sessions will only commence once proof of payment has been received in full. We reserve the right to set the date and time of your start date as sessions can only commence with a full group of four individuals or more.

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